We’re sunsetting Cosmo PMS on March 31, 2024, after years of supporting hotels with reservations.
Active customers have been contacted to help them with closing their accounts. Access and data will be maintained until March 31, 2024, allowing for a smooth transition. While we bid farewell to Cosmo PMS, our focus shifts to enhancing our core product, FCS1, and other solutions, dedicated to optimizing hotel operations. For more information, visit our main website. 

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Hotel Management Software developed from

nearly 40 years of hotel industry experience.  

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How does it work?

1 Set up your hotel

Set up your hotel

Configure user roles, Forex, Room rates, connect with OTAs, customize guest forms, etc.

2 Manage Reservations

Manage Reservations

A single platform that consolidates all guests details, preferences, past & future stays.

3 Increase Bookings

Increase Bookings

Connect with SiteMinder and OTAs such as with real-time, two-way integration. Save time, multiply reservations seamlessly.

4 Housekeeping Ops

Housekeeping Ops

Automate your housekeeping operations. Never leave a guest waiting for a clean room. No more walkie-talkie or phone calls to find an available room.

5 Run Reports

Run Reports

Increase your profits with data-driven decisions. Keep track of your hotel’s growth, be in full control.

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